Top 4 New York City Nail Art Salons

Where are the best Nail Salons in New York City for nail art? This video lists the top 4 salons for those who don’t want to do it yourself, featuring a nail art design from each salon.

The first design is brought to you by Salon L, located at 243 E 59th St NYC. They specialize in custom Nail Art designs which are $50 and up for a manicure.

If you’re in Brooklyn, check out Tomahawk’s Salon in Bushwick. They do awesome aztec nails and celebrities often stop by this popular salon.

Idalias Salon, also in Brooklyn (Prospect Heights) specialize in bright, eye popping manicures and custom nail art.

And last but not least, Delacqua Salon in NYC is perfect for special occasions. Their hand painted nail art is top-notch and unique, but expensive. The Manhattan skyline nail art design shown in the video cost $140.

Celebrity Nail Art at the VMA’s


Celebrity Nail Art at the Video Music Awards featuring Nail Art Designs wore by Rihanna, Pink and Katy Perry.

Celebrities are decked out from head to toe, and that doesn’t exclude the nails. Pink, Katy Perry and Rihanna all wore fabulous, custom nail art designs to the VMA’s. Pink had custom paint splatter stick-on nails made by Minx. Katy Perry had black and red Gothic Garden themed nails, with 3D bejeweled accessories. Rihanna had long nails with a 100 Dollar Bill themed manicure. Which celebrity do you think had the best nail art at the VMA’s?

What is Nail Art?

Nail Art is not just your average nail job or manicure. Nail Art is any form of specialized nails, practiced through painting, embellishing, and/or decorating the nails. Nail Art also includes all types of 3D nails, and custom painted stick on nails. Nail Art is anything from a decorated, subtle french manicure to a full on, hand painted masterpiece. For example:

Here is Nail Art in a simple, floral french manicure:


Here is the same concept except the full nail is custom painted:


And again the same idea on acrylic tips:


All three all examples of Nail Art!

Click here to learn more about Nail Art:



Supplies for do it yourself Nail Art

Nail Art is cool, trendy, and not as hard to do as you might think. Here is everything you need to get started doing your own nail art:

1. Pick a design.

If you are new to nail art, start simple such as polka dot nails:

Or a simple two nail pattern manicure:


2. Nail Polish
For all nail art you will need a variety of standard nail polishes to choose your base coat:

2. Nail art pens:
to add detail, you can use Nail Art Pens. There are different types of Nail Art Pens depending on how intricate the design is:


3. Toothpicks/Brushes/Tape
If you don’t want to buy nail art pens, you can use toothpicks, brushes, and even tape to get a similar affect. Just apply your base coat, and dip the toothpicks/brushes in regular polish to add detail. Tape can be used in nail art to add lines and patterns.



4. Embellishments

There are loads of stick ons available for nail art. You can find 3D stick ons online or at your local beauty store:


5. Newspaper and napkins
There are tutorials out there for newspaper and napkin nails, all you need is newspaper/cloth napkins, polish, rubbing alcohol and water!


6. And don’t forget to top coat!

Do it yourself Nail Art is accessible and easy with the right supplies. Tutorials and supplies are available all over the web. Check out these links to learn more about Do-It-Yourself Nail Art:

Check out these amazing Nail Art Tutorials Using Scotch Tape:

Sally Hansen is great for nail art supplies:,default,sc.html